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The Insight ABC Writing Academy is Bangkok’s leading school of academic English writing. Our innovative and proven method is built on more than 10 years’ experience of tailoring, developing and delivering highly individualised and organic Academic Writing Courses in Bangkok. Whether you are studying for your Master's Degree or preparing to take IELTS, we have a wide range of standard, tailored or intensive Live Academic Writing Courses in Bangkok for private students and small charter groups at all levels from secondary school to PhD level. We also tailor and deliver Academic Writing Seminars and Academic Writing Workshops in Bangkok and across Thailand, including at our branches in Cha-Am and Hua Hin.

We now also offer Online Academic Writing courses for general academic writing and IELTS writing. If you live outside Bangkok or even Thailand, if you are too busy to come to the school, or if your schedule is too unpredictable, our new Online Academic Writing courses are perfect for you.

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Insight ABC Writing Academy in CP Tower, Silom Road, Bangkok


No two students have the same goals and development areas and so at Insight ABC Writing Academy, we avoid teaching generic courses. Private students receive 100% tailored and highly organic coaching while charter groups benefit from customised courses that reflect both the students’ collective goals and their individual needs.

  • Basic Academic Writing (paragraph, essay)
  • Live Academic Writing (essay, report, statement of purpose, thesis, dissertation)
  • Academic Reading
  • Integrated Academic Reading and Writing
  • Total Academic (all 4 skills)
  • Overseas Study Preparation (all 4 skills)
  • Basic IELTS Writing
  • Live IELTS Writing
  • IELTS Total (all 4 skills)
  • iBT TOEFL Writing
  • IGCSE English
  • CU-TEP
  • TU-GET


For schools or organisations with students who have specific academic writing needs, such as preparing for their Master's Degree or planning to take the IELTS, Insight ABC Writing Academy will conduct a detailed goal analysis and then appraise the writing of the students so that we can customise short academic writing seminars or workshops to fulfill the students' collective goals and meet their academic writing needs. These academic writing workshops and seminars can be arranged at our schools in Bangkok, Cha-Am or Hua Hin, or at alternate venues across Thailand.

  • Academic Writing Seminars (tailored to needs)
  • Academic Writing Workshops (tailored to needs)
  • IELTS Writing Seminars
  • IELTS Writing Workshops

Our Cha-Am branch is a popular choice for writing workshops and seminars


For non-native English speaking students who write regularly in English but who live outside Bangkok or whose schedules are too inflexible to study an academic writing course or attend an academic writing seminar or workshop, Insight ABC Writing Academy offers Academic Writing - Online Coaching. You send your real world academic writing to us, and in addition to editing the writing for mistakes, we also add comments, explanations, examples and short exercises on the more frequent mistakes that you are making. This option is ideal for students at all levels from secondary school to PhD.


There are two main Online Academic Writing Courses:

  • Online Academic Writing
  • Online IELTS Writing

The Online Academic Writing Courses are divided into modules. The length of each module depends entirely on the pace at which the student wants to or is able to complete it. Each module has 4 steps as follows:

  1. We send you a writing assignment
  2. You complete and return the assignment
  3. We conduct a diagnostic appraisal of your writing to highlight you main development area(s). We then send the report to you together with a worksheet containing explanations, examples and exercises of your main development area(s). The worksheet also includes sentences from your own assignment for you to self-correct.
  4. You complete the exercises and the self-correction and return everything to us. If everything is correct, we begin a new module.

Contact Insight ABC Writing Academy to find out more and receive a FREE consultation, appraisal and quote.

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Tel: 02 638 3315


Paul Snowdon helped me understand the basics of writing with clear and easy training. Now I am much more confident when I submit reports to my foreign boss.

Ms. Phimpheera Toboonme – Retail Coordinator

As a busy, working mother preparing for my PhD, the Online Writing Course is perfect for me because it gives me total flexibility and can really help my writing improve.

Rola Massri
MA Graduate, Manchester University, UK


Lesson Length:

Each lesson is 45 minutes, including a 5-minute break.

Lesson Frequency:
The minimum number of lessons per visit is 2, but the recommended lesson frequency depends on each student’s personal situation.

Students are free to tailor a schedule that fits in with their own lifestyle. Our school is open 7 days a week, from 8:30am to 8:30pm.

Course Length:
Course lengths vary depending on each student’s unique situation. However, the minimum course length is 30 lessons.

Classes are available in-school at our school in CP Tower on Silom Road, Bangkok and we also have branches in Cha-Am and Hua Hin. Alternately, we can provide out-service classes at your school or organisation for convenience.



Private classes are ideal for students who want to make rapid progress or who need lots of attention on their specific goals and needs.

Charter Groups:

If a group of friends with similar goals and needs wish to study together, we can create a charter group of between 2 and 8 students.

Corporate Groups:

Corporate groups of up to 10 students can be accommodated either at our school or on–site at your office.

Workshops and Seminars:

Workshops and seminars can be arranged for a maximum of 20 students.



All our instructors are native-English speaking professional writing instructors, most of whom have a minimum 10 years’ experience of teaching writing courses.


Because no two students are the same, all our courses are 100% tailored to each student’s specific goals and needs. They are also completely organic, allowing the instructor to adapt the lesson plan to the student’s needs and learning style as and when necessary. The instructors first present new material, which the students then have the opportunity to practice in controlled exercises. Finally, the students perform what they have learnt in case studies and assignments. During the review sessions, students are always encouraged to self-correct whenever possible to further aid assimilation.



Bangkok's School of Academic, Business and Creative Writing:

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Goal Analysis:

When you come to Insight ABC Writing Academy to study, we first conduct an oral goal analysis to determine exactly why you plan to study. As well as giving us an idea of your oral proficiency level, this helps us to set your goal level and make sure we select the most appropriate course and material to help you reach that goal.

Diagnostic Appraisal

Before the course begins, each student completes a writing assignment which is then diagnostically appraised to identify individual development areas.

Action Plan:

Once we know your goal level, your current level and your development areas, we can formulate an action plan to map out how we can help you achieve your goals and how long it will take.


Your instructor and programme advisor will provide regular counselling throughout your course on your development areas, your needs, your progress and your goal achievement so that we can monitor your assimilation and make adjustments to the course if necessary.

Diagnostic Appraisal

A second diagnostic appraisal is conducted at the end of your course to confirm how your goals have been met or to outline any remaining areas that need to be addressed.


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